Anton Kupriyanov was born in 1991 in the village of Bolshiye Uki, in the Omsk Region. In Siberia there is a lot of snow in the winter and a lot of hot days in the summer. This is the place where Anton started to draw as a child and he is still drawing today.

After moving to the city of Tara he began to attend a children's art school. After that, he entered the Omsk Pedagogical University, "Design Department ". Today he work at the Drama Theatre, as an artist-decorator. He is a member of the creative association "Sugrob".

Anton paint stories from his everyday life. Evening streets, road landscapes and the recurring theme of a constant urban development.

To describe his works, Anton Kupriyanov uses the concepts of "gloomy impressionism", "naive realism" and "plots of a small town". The artist depicts urban landscapes and countryside landscapes, which have a romantic style. The bright colors of the works seem to challenge the daily routine, while not aiming to idealize the atmosphere. In addition to the landscape, Kupriyanov creates plot compositions: meeting friends in a new place, a sunset reflected on dark walls, or a look at the evening city.

Photographers Joachim Asmussen and Louisa Sundell will collaborate to the exhibition of Anton Kuprianov's paintings during our Januari exhibit.