"Swedish Light"
Caterina Arciprete is an ltalian artist who combines photography, drawing/painting and writing. She has had exhibitions and editorial projects in ltaly and abroad. Caterina studied and taught at the IED of Rome. She  also had several art books published by major Italian publishers. 
She develops art projects for companies such as Oste jewelry, Camomilla Fashion, Garofalo, 0odaaq Vodka and Naples international Airport. 
Her new collection of drawings and photo-paintings is all about the Swedish light. From her last trip in Stockholm and around Sweden's landscapes, she took some pictures and I tried to see inside the stunning scandinavian light.
"Painting what is hidden in my photos. Drawing what appears in the wind, through the light. And it's the special Scandinavian light that give me inspiration ... there is more than what one sees. ln a shadow there is an entire another world.  Vou can find incredible colors in Stockholm's sunsets but something else too ... just try to look beyond,  into the the bright energy, where light takes shape. "
Caterina Arciprete