Elena Belobragina , born 1995, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Her artistic career started with a passion to discover and draw the energy around her, and a crave to show through art how she sees people and nature.

Today, her artworks have transformed into the gestalt stories that she tells. The main characters of her stories is often a woman or a man who appear completely naked to the viewer.

Elena uses the naked body because she believes that in this guise a person is more vulnerable and his actions occur unconsciously, which can be understood as true intention.

To enhance the effect of this vulnerability and fragility, she doesn't prime the entire canvases, but only the part where the body is located. Thus, she creates the effect of a hyperbole of nudity. This effect she created to increase the perception of the body itself in the picture.

In her process of work, she first builds the idea and then chooses the materials. As an artist, she doesn’t limit herself in the ways of implementation, more often she works with oil or screen printing, installations and various types of performances.

“It is very important for me not only to create an object of art that reflects my concept, but also to create a whole space where my art enters into a dialogue with the viewer.”

Elena Belobragina.