Anastasia Zotova
Artist and illustrator Anastasia Zotova, who has been fond of digging (subterranean and urban exploration) since 2007, creates painting and graphics in etching, linocut, or drawing, dedicated to underground spaces and other abandoned industrial areas.
Anastasia terminated Moscow University of Printing as a professional graphic artist. The creation process for Anastasia always goes through an immersion in the history of structures, engineering and construction technologies, and is revealed in her highly accurate and detailed renderings. In 2012–13, Anastasia worked at the Moscow Construction Complex, where she drew infographics about the building and installation of the Moscow metro and transport systems of the city. This assignment allowed her to visit underground construction sites on a daily basis, asking workers about the various technical processes, and study the site unabridged.
Working with underground urban spaces, Anastasia Zotova goes beyond the limits of the graphic sheet and acts also as a curator organizing exhibitions in spaces relevant to the subject, including off-museum ones.  In 2011, Anastasia Zotova, together with an initiative group, organized the first Moscow exhibition in an abandoned sewer near Gorky Park, where her paintings were presented.
In 2018 and 2019, in the underground halls of the Museum of Modern Fortification Bunker-703 at a depth of 43 meters, the curators’ group, including Anastasia, organized the exhibitions called “Moscow Will Not Cave In” (Moskva ne provalitsya). The bunker space with chipped cast-iron tunnel vaults was a perfect continuation of the paintings and engravings by Anastasia and other authors.

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