Street Material is Louisa Sundell’s third photographic exhibition. 44 images are presented in a slideshow set to music by Vangelis, Axel Boman and Minna Bolin (aka. Desert Songs). The photos were taken with an iPhone in Stockholm during 2016–2020. It all started with a period of sick leave, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, which led to daily walks in the city. Observations during these walks were the inspiration for what has become Street Material. At first, the theme was graffiti, but over time it grew to include posters, rubbish, and other aspectsof the urban environment.

Louisa is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has extensive training and experience in analogue photography and darkroom techniques. For the past ten years she has worked with digital photography, editing and retouching, both her own photos and the works of others. Where possible, she likes to work with the entire photography process, from initial concept to final editing and proofing. In recent years she has used her iPhone as her camera and through that has discovered new ways to evolve as a photographer. One of her more extensive projects is Street Material.

Louisa will go all "Urban development" together with Joachim Asmussen and Anton Kupriyanov under our January exhibit.