Februari 2022

P.A Larsson, both draws, paints and creates ingenious objects. Those are often born of old used parts or discarded tools, as he likes to turn things into something else.                                                                                                                        His artworks are playful, often improvised but still, there is an undeniable gravity and seriousness in them. The choice of material and the techniques used are often more important to him than the subject itself, as P.A Larsson is always on the move in his approach to art. In fact, he is running. Running away from the conventional and the middling.
“A good image should have a soul, initiate a reaction, and provoke both thoughts and feelings.”

Solo Exhibits :

Mäster Olovsgården 1988

Galleri Gillet Norrtälje 2016

Wadköpingsrummet Örebro 2016

Konsthallen Stockholm 2016

Galleri Fröja Östhammar 2017

Hallstaviks konsthall 2017

Knutmassomuseet Gimo 2018

Lilla K Norrtälje 2019

Kulturhuset i Östhammar 2020

Galleri Puckeln 2020