Veronique Hadengue-Dezael

Véronique Hadengue-Dezael has her own distinct and devoted approach to depicting life. Line drawing and sketches captured outdoors then mature in the studio where she continues exploring lines and techniques combinations. Water soluble charcoal may come with oil pastels, Indian ink, or walnut stain to combine lines of nature with personal fantasy and emotion. The ultimate artifact may become resolutely abstract, while conveying the vibration of life.
The works now shown in Stockholm question the fragmentation of forests, one major “common resource” of our planet. This was the theme of Veronique’s latest exhibition (“Zoonographies” Geneva, November 2020) where man’s footprint on nature, bringing wild mammals closer to humans, has been linked to the recent pandemic.
Véronique Hadengue-Dezael was born in Paris where she graduated in art techniques. Some of her other artistic projects can be seen on
Her recent works aim at linking the beauty and frailty of life.
Veronique has held exhibitions in several Swiss galleries:
-Galerie Ruine, Geneva, -Ephémère Galerie, Vesenaz,                                                  -Galerie Marianne Brand, Carouge, - Centre culturel  Manoir, Cologny.