Is born 1960, lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Didier discovered photography at the age of 17 during a trip to Portugal. At the age of 20, he began an apprenticeship as a photographer, from which he dropped out after a few months. After a detour studying psychology and working as an educator, he started to collaborate with the Photographic documentation  Fund of the City of Geneva.

He became a freelance photographer in 1990 and has since produced several works, both personal and documentary, which put the city and its inhabitants at the center.

"Water in the City" , "Saint-Jean 1991-1993" , "City body" , "Early childhood" , "Passing glances".

He then developed his activity as a professional photographer in the fields of architecture, corporate photography and event photography.  From the year 2000 his photography contains pictures of nature. He tends to treat nature, or more so the landscape as a raw surface. 

"Turbulences - fluidities" , "Fields against fields".

In a series about walls in Mexico , "Murales, 2007", the surface becomes a subject in itself.  Today, alongside his commissioned works, he continues his urban exploration and research. Whether inside a city, "Havana, 2015", on an archaeological site, "Petra, 2005",  in front of car hoods, "Cartographies, 2020" or facing a lake, "Horizon lac, 2016" ,  Didier Jordan cuts space into squares or rectangles to create singular, autonomous universes which almost seem self-sufficient.

" I have often thought that a photograph is rich in what it does not show, in the ability of what is off-screen to mobilize the viewer's imagination. If in a photograph lies a question, an absence, a tension between emptiness and fullness, the possibility of a dialogue then develops between the photographer and the viewer. A pontoon, a body of water, a sky: a few elements to express the beauty of a place and simplifying it to make the image even more readable and graphic, sometimes going as far as nearing full abstraction. The absence of characters, swimmers, or boats, creates a space where the void dominates and where nothing other than what we would like to imagine happens.

Between what is shown and what is not, a horizon of possibilities opens."


Didier Jordan är en professionell fotograf från Genève, Schweiz, som arbetar på beställning från storföretag men som också har utvecklat ett personligt konstnärskap som ställs ut på gallerier både i Schweiz och utomlands.

Denna konstnärliga delen av Didiers fotografering är viktig för honom eftersom den tillåter honom en frihet i skapandet som i sin tur ger näring åt hans olika beställningsarbete.