Didier Jordan

Didier Jordan isborn  1960  in Geneva, Switzerland. He discovered photography at the age of 17 and began an apprenticeship as a photographer at 20. He became a freelance photographer in 1990.

Since then  he has produced a number of works and books that are both personal and documentary, mainly focusing on  cities and their inhabitants.Gradually his photography has moved on to subjects more related to nature, which he generally treats as raw surfaces.

Whether inside a city, on an archaeological site,or on a lake, Didier  cuts the surrounding space into squares or rectangles to create singular universes,that almost seem to stand on their own.


Didier doesn´t want the beholder to have the image explained explained in advance. He want  visitors to make their own interpretation, freely and without external influence. Still, there are some hints in the text he wrote about the "Cartographies" exhibit.

“I met them in the streets of Athens, standing motionless at the foot of buildings.

Overheated by the scorching sun, battered by the salty wind, stung by the acidic air, they were gradually transformed by the onslaught of city life.

A metamorphosis has taken place on their metal skin.

Unpredictable patterns have appeared on their bonnets: here a shoreline, there a mountain, or a new continent.

So many imaginary lands that time has patiently engraved.

At first sighted incidentally, then looked at curiously, I ended up actively seeking them out.

These images were born from our fleeting encounters. ”   

Didier Jordan